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    This blog is no longer active but it is a great chronicle through my initial first few years as a photographer. The blog started while I was at photography school in Massachusetts, covers my time working in Florida and Georgia, and chronicles our recent 6 month adventure working with orphans in Thailand. Thanks for visiting!

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Thailand Mon Wedding – International Wedding Photography

We were honored to attend our friend Abbha’s wedding here in Thailand. We wish Abbha and her husband every happiness as they begin a new life together and we hope they love their photos! The wedding ceremony was performed in the Mon tradition (the Mon are an ethnic group from Burma / Myanmar). The small celebration was unique and joyful; everyone was so welcoming. I’m really glad I was able to borrow the busy couple for a moment to do some posed portraits in front of the bedroom window with the Thai morning light shining in afterward. Here are a few of my favorite images. Isn’t Abbha a gorgeous bride?!


we are married!

Paul and I are married! Our little celebration was full of blessings and laughter with our loved ones; absolutely perfect in my eyes. I could not be happier to be Paul’s wife. Here’s a little sneakpeak blogpost of our wedding photos by Jade and Matthew Take Pictures! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

this is us! our own engagement portrait experience

Since I am a wedding photographer and I’m getting married next month (!) people have been asking me, “Now, who is photographing your wedding?” Each time, I’m delighted to reply that Paul and I hired Savannah fine-art photographers Jade and Matthew Take Pictures for our little Oregon Coast wedding. Earlier this month they created some engagement portraits for us with styling by the lovely Jessie Matz. Check out more of the portraits HERE on their blog!

Since we’re moving away from Savannah next week (info in my previous post) these images will always be treasured reminders for us of our engagement and our time spent living in the South. I feel like they were able to borrow a little bit of our love and a bit of the South and put it in these images for us to cherish forever. When I look at these photographs now I feel how much my (very handsome) fiance loves me and am even more excited to be his bride and his wife!

Jade and Matthew’s work has long inspired me. I’m attracted to the fun, whimsy, and lightness in their photographic style. Their skill and artistry are undeniable, but perhaps even more importantly Jade and Matthew are passionate about their work and have calm, open, fun-loving personalities. The idea of being in front of the camera was strange for us (as I know it is for most people) but we were set at ease and comfortable with them which is so very important. As a bride to be I’m thrilled, awed, and excited! As an extra plus, I know that this whole experience on the other side of the lens will help me grow as a photographer and gain a deeper understanding of my own clients in the future.


Click HERE to see more of our portraits on the Jade and Matthew Take Pictures blog!

Oceanside Fairytale – Tybee Island Wedding

These images remind me of an idyllic scene in a fairytale. A charming location (the North Beach of Tybee Island, Georgia), lovely light (right before sunset) and the marriage of a beautiful lady and a heroic man (who happen to be madly-silly in love!). The first image is of the bride walking down the beach-aisle, the second is of the very first kiss as husband and wife. A little while after the ceremony we snuck off and created the rest of these photographs as the sun lowered into the Atlantic. I love shooting in the last light of the day! Beautifully done as always, Tybee Island Wedding.

Paul and I have been busy planning our own August wedding and making big life plans (I’ll share some of them here soon!). I have been somewhat of a workaholic, running around shooting like crazy this wedding season! I decided to give myself a little more personal time this week and am looking forward to two double dates, hanging out with a dear friend and her kiddos, and my first Saturday in a long time sans shooting! Beach lounging may be in store.

L+A Cathedral Wedding – Savannah Photographer

I hope that every time these two look through their wedding photographs, they will giggle and perhaps shed some happy tears as they relive the joy of this day. Their ceremony was held at the beautiful Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist and the preparations and reception took place at the Savannah Marriott Riverfront.

I am honored that L+A chose me to be their photographer! My fiance Paul worked with me as a second shooter/assistant on this wedding and is responsible for the photos of the guys and the stunning wide-angle taken from the cathedral balcony. Paul worked with me on a wedding this past Saturday as well. I am so excited to continue working and growing together as we begin new ventures. These are some of my favorite images from L+A’s wedding day. You can also have a look at their sweet beach engagement portraits!




It doesn’t matter how or when – Tybee Island Wedding

My blog is reallly full of beach photos at the moment, but I can’t resist posting some from another recent Tybee Island Wedding! This was a true elopement celebration; just the lovebirds, the officiant, and me! These two have only known each other for several months but they are ecstatically planning the rest of their lives together. They are completely 110% unabashedly in love. They laugh and kiss as much as possible. They focus on what matters, holding each other up. I was reminded of the importance of an open heart and an open mind. If invited, love will enter your life, and it doesn’t matter how or when.

I spent the past week traveling through the Carolinas having some amazing adventures with my fiance. I’ll share some photographs from our travels later on! I rolled back into Savannah in time for a fun weekend of shooting in the heat. Wedding season in the South has certainly warmed up and sped up for the summer!

Reveling in Grace – Tybee Island Wedding

Tybee Island Wedding plans, coordinates and performs perfect weddings and elopements. Its an honor to be the photographer for some of their beautiful and wonderfully relaxed beach celebrations. This sunny, morning elopement last week was no exception!

S+E seem to know that no matter how complicated life can be, they will be just fine walking through hand-in-hand. This gentleman fully realizes what a beautiful bride he has, a true Southern Belle. The two are so proud and sweetly appreciative of one another; in every frame they seem to be reveling in the grace that brought them together. I think we could all use some more time spent reveling in grace.



married on the beach of Tybee Island

I’m grateful that I was able to create these photos at a Tybee Island Wedding celebration today; these are a few of my favorites. Despite heavy winds, there was a bit of blue in the sky and it was a perfect Spring morning for a little beach wedding. After sharing sincere vows, the two walked hand-in-hand towards the horizon, allowing the enormity of the moment to sink in while their toes dug into soft, warm yellow sand. When they neared the foamy shore, the cool water lapped at their feet, the wind blew through their hair, her white gown fluttered, and they smiled in a new way.