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    This blog is no longer active but it is a great chronicle through my initial first few years as a photographer. The blog started while I was at photography school in Massachusetts, covers my time working in Florida and Georgia, and chronicles our recent 6 month adventure working with orphans in Thailand. Thanks for visiting!

Monthly Archives: April 2009

Conceptual Still Life

Please click on the thumbnail above to see a better view of the image (the colors and details are wayy better when you enlarge it). 
I totally reeked of bananas and daisies after shooting this in the commercial studio the other night, and so did my car (ick…), but I think it was worth it! The initial set-up was easy: just a couple of lights and some white paper on the ground. Styling the banana and the flowers so they looked nice/the way I wanted them to was a fun challenge; I went through a few different bananas and a ton of flowers before I got it right. Retouching was a bit of a task too; lots of brown on the peel and flower edges to get rid of (despite the fresh lemon juice), as well as some lovely banana mush on the background. I had fun with this one! I have a few more shoots to do in the commercial studio, so look out for some more.

Emmy, Justin, and Vegas

I had the pleasure of photographing my classmate Emmy when Justin (her fiance) came to visit recently. They had just gotten their new puppy (Vegas) who was still a little sleepy from the plane ride out to Massachusetts; she is adorable and growing bigger already! The shoot provided me with some good practice in dealing with freezing cold weather, wind, and not-so-great light – but considering all, I think these turned out alright. We shot around the old trolly yard in Shelburne Falls. 


I’ve been shooting and running around like crazy, but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the blog! New posts/images soon…

Gregario: fashion and headshots!

I had the pleasure of meeting Gregario a few days ago when he drove all the way to MA from NYC to come shoot with me for his modeling portfolio! I’m really glad we got to work together; it was fun and I think we got some neat images. “G” is gorgeous; I haven’t done any Photoshop retouching to these, just some minimal Lightroom adjustments! I wish him luck with studying business and modeling in the city.

I’m going to use one of these for our assignment to photograph a lowkey male in studio (lowkey meaning high contrast with dark clothing and a dark background in photography terms). The first shot is one of my favorites because it was what I was visualizing before the shoot, but I’m not sure which one to use. Readers: let me know which one/s you like best?

Family Portraits, Cape Cod beach style!

I had so much fun getting to know the Nardones last weekend while we spent a couple of hours on a beautiful Cape Cod beach doing portraits! It was nice working with such a relaxed, upbeat group! It was hard picking out which photos to post; after going through my normal workflow and deleting the images I didn’t want to keep, I still had about 150 images to choose from! These are a few of my favorites; a few of which I will retouch later on for my portfolio. Which one/s do you all like best?
The whole gang! Dawn, Mike, Avery (8), Michael (6), and Tex:

Attempting to do another all-family-member inclusive shot…:
What a beautiful family:
We took lots of long breaks between shots for running, chasing, climbing, and sea-shell gathering:
Avery and Michael: 
They are so adorable:
I liked the colors and textures of these rocks with their outfits:
Her Mom, Dawn, is a photographer too, so I think she has had plenty of practice posing:
He came up with this pose on his own:
And here is one of me that Avery took! I think she did a great job:

Esther, Essie, Locknester – surfs up!

A few of the many images I took last weekend of my dear, lovely, hilarious friend Esther. We met during our freshman year of college and hadn’t seen each other in years, but it was just like old times. I’m so glad we got to hang out again and that she is part of my life. The weekend consisted of lots of reminiscing & catching up, driving around & getting happily lost, digging our toes into sand, party cups, and yummy Greek & Italian food. 
She was kind enough to put up with my photographic requests even though it was really cold and windy the day we were shooting.

Public Relations headshots and alternative portraits!

I can’t say enough good things about Dina; I truly enjoyed her company. She came into the studio recently to help me with another school assignment which was to photograph a Public Relations headshot, and an open-ended alternative portrait of the same person showcasing a different side of them. Dina had the great idea to do some photos with her kaffiya (the traditional Palestinain scarf) with the intent of questioning views of sexuality and modesty in the Arab world. I think I’ll turn in the first two (which are retouched already), but I really like the third one as well. I wish I would have taken more frames with the contrasty lighting set-up I used for the second image… oh well.

Personal Work from March

Here are some of my favorite personal images from March.