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    This blog is no longer active but it is a great chronicle through my initial first few years as a photographer. The blog started while I was at photography school in Massachusetts, covers my time working in Florida and Georgia, and chronicles our recent 6 month adventure working with orphans in Thailand. Thanks for visiting!

Monthly Archives: July 2009

Summer in the City

I think everyone should have friends like Justin and Andrew: constantly inappropriate, often belligerent, but always lovable… somehow. Probably the best bad influences I’ve ever had. A quick few photos from our NYC reunion back in June; strangely enough, they actually ironed their shirts and look respectable. Hopefully Key West is ready for us.

Hetero life-mates forever:

Knee-to-crotch (excellent job capturing the moment, Justin!):

My job is so cool…

Even though I didn’t have work today, I went in to the research center. One of the biggest staff perks is having unstructured dock-time, where the dolphins can come interact if they choose to. I was privileged to receive a gift from one of the dolphins – seagrass! Aleta also let me give her a back-rub. I can’t share the images I take for work throughout the day because of copyright issues (etc.), but it is ok to share images I take while I’m off-duty. I hope you enjoy these photos of some of my new dolphin friends! Pictured are four different dolphins, but I’m still learning how to recognize all nineteen of them. They’re incredible. 

Snorkeling fun

I’m loving my new job so far (and will blog about it soon). Wednesdays and Thursdays are going to be my play/rest/shoot/freelance days for a bit (weekends), and today being Wednesday, I decided to play! I spent the day with some new friends on their boat; it felt amazing to be out on the water. I enjoyed snorkeling around with my G9-Ikelite camera setup for a little while. This is my favorite image from the day, a big Rainbow Parrotfish: 

I live here now?!

Every time I go outside I think, “I live here now?!” It is incredible. Here is my new backyard (a canal that connects with the ocean).  I live in a yellow apartment complex, I can walk to the beach, and as of Monday I’ll be getting payed to play with (and photograph) dolphins. This is the life.

35 mm, f/22, 2.0 seconds

I hope you’re all having fun and safe 4th of July celebrations! A sadly comical conversation from earlier this evening – New Neighbor: You’re goin’ out, huh? Me: Yeah. New Neighbor: You got a hot date tonight? Me: Yep. With my camera… Good ol’ Mark II. 

Pyar and Cynthia’s Wedding Rehearsal

Here is a sneak-peak for the fun wedding images soon to come! The rehearsal was held at the Trinity Church in Savannah, Georgia (but the wedding was on the beach on Tybee Island). 
Cynthia and Pyar were blessed with FOUR incredibly lovely flower girls:

Lets-get-married High Five!:
The practice kiss:

Also, after an awesome time in/around Georgia, I continued my road trip and made it to my destination! I’m currently busy unpacking and getting settled into my new apartment in the Keys! I’ve already been taking photos in the beautiful surroundings I now find myself in and will share some of them soon.