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    This blog is no longer active but it is a great chronicle through my initial first few years as a photographer. The blog started while I was at photography school in Massachusetts, covers my time working in Florida and Georgia, and chronicles our recent 6 month adventure working with orphans in Thailand. Thanks for visiting!

Monthly Archives: November 2009

Newborn Baby Dolphin

Today I photographed a newborn baby dolphin at the Dolphin Research Center here in the Florida Keys. I can’t describe how amazing it was seeing this floppy, awkward, magical creature, less than an hour old. It was fun watching the baby trying to swim around the lagoon as its mother, Aleta, steered, kindly teaching the baby how to come to the surface and breathe. Newborn dolphins have about a fifty precent chance of survival, both in the wild and in human care, so keep your fingers crossed for this little one!

The MKII’s ISO capabilities came in handy today. I really had to crank the ISO up to get a shutter speed fast enough to freeze the fleeting seconds when the dolphins surfaced. Most of these were shot with a zoom lens at 105mm; investing in a longer lens is definitely on the agenda.

Another thing about today: I saw a client cry (happy tears) while slowly turning the pages of a custom photo book that they had ordered. It was a good feeling.

Look at the pink belly!


Mother and baby.


Aleta didn’t waste much time before trying to show her baby how to play!



Aleta swam by quickly to grab some fish from trainer Lauriel.



Aleta let the baby rest on her stomach and swam around for awhile as if to show off the little one.


Floppy baby.


My favorite photo from the afternoon. The baby got some air on this one!


Senior Portraits: Camelia

Today was a nice Monday, spent mostly retouching and listening to podcasts, a great combination.

These photos are a few of my favorites from a senior portrait session I did while in Oregon recently. It is nearly impossible to get a bad shot of a young woman like Camelia; she is both beautiful and exuberant.

The first shot is the one she selected for her yearbook photo, but I’m not sure if she will use the color or black and white version. Before I create a photograph, I try to have a clear vision, often “seeing” in black and white or color before I click the shutter, but this is an instance where I like both! I like the warm skin tones and earthy, subtle hues in the color version. But I also like the simplicity in the black and white, and how the lack of color allows the viewer to focus more on her and her expression. Which one do you like best?








Big Ez

This is Ez enjoying a beautiful autumn day last week. He is almost 4 years old and wearing a sweater one of his older sisters knitted for him. When he is in a good mood, he’ll tell you his three favorite things are trains, dancing, and playing (in that order).

I usually go for a natural look and keep editing to a minimal on child portraits, but these photos served as a reminder of how important it can be to have good skin-retouching skills! Poor Ez originally had boogers all over his face… he didn’t seem to mind.




I’ve been lucky enough to know Ezra for a few years now. Here he is on another November day, 2 years ago. This photo was a Southern Oregon Photographic Association award winner (and Ez was incredibly proud). Happiness is a Big Puddle:


November Baby

Its hard for a lot of people to believe that I’m as young as I am. I graduated high school early, discovered my passion, finished my higher education quickly, and am beginning my career in the photographic industry. I still have a TON of professional and personal goals to meet (and discover) but I’m happy with where I’m headed. 21 feels nice. This year my birthday was spent with friends & family in Oregon. Though there were few photos taken, it reminded me of how much I enjoy photographing birthday parties and special times for others. I’m back in the Keys for now, focusing on some planning, post production and album design. Fun!


Halloween Parade! Ashland, Oregon

I went to the Ashand, Oregon Halloween Parade this year with my father (also a photographer) to just enjoy the scene and take some photos. I took about 300 shots; it was hard narrowing them down, there were so many awesome costumes and adorable little ones! Here are some of my favorites. The first one isn’t exactly “Halloween,” but its my very favorite; I loved the dog just hangin’ out there as his friends played their crazy music. I hope you enjoy these!

I have been traveling a bit in the past couple weeks (within the U.S), and the next few months will be filled with even more travels – back and forth from coast to coast a few times, taking care of business, creating photographs, and of course, having adventures! With all of this coming and going, I’m craving some constancy, some solid ground beneath my feet… but I have the rest of my life for that. For now I want to give in to my wanderlust and youth as much as possible. I’m loving every moment.