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    This blog is no longer active but it is a great chronicle through my initial first few years as a photographer. The blog started while I was at photography school in Massachusetts, covers my time working in Florida and Georgia, and chronicles our recent 6 month adventure working with orphans in Thailand. Thanks for visiting!

Monthly Archives: February 2010

Charleston Plantations, etc.

I was lucky to have my parents visit me in Savannah last week. My dad is an artist (and the reason why I am a photographer). His medium in the past several years has been photography. He’s working on a project involving cyprus trees, so we decided to drive to Charleston, South Carolina to search for some. It was great toting our cameras around together again. We didn’t have time to actually explore the city, so I’m looking forward to going back soon (Charleston is only two hours away).

I took these first few photos in the Audubon Swamp Gardens at the Magnolia Plantation:





*Added: Here is one that my dad took of me while were at the swamp, he just emailed it to me:


I took these two photos at the Boone Hall Plantation. I really can’t get enough of the live oaks around here:


I’d never seen cotton plants before:


Last week I also flew to Miami for a few days. I took this photo just a few minutes before landing. It isn’t the best quality; there was such little light in the sky that I had to set my ISO too high and my shutter speed too slow. But I still like it; sometimes it’s nice to accept imperfections. I think the image captures a little bit of the magic of traveling. I’m on a window kick!


On Wednesday night I went to a networking event for Creative Professionals in Savannah called C Spot. It’s amazing to be around so many imaginative people in this city.

I did my first Savannah Senior Portraits a few days ago, and plan on posting some of them next time. Now that I’m not in limbo (as much,) I’m going to try and blog more frequently!

Thoughts on moving & beautiful Savannah

I’m finally settling into my new city; I fall in love with Savannah a little bit more every day that I’m here. Georgia isn’t where I plan on really settling down, so I may have a hard time leaving when it’s time for me to move on! I’m not sure how long I’ll be here, but I hope that I can become acquainted¬†with Savannah and its residents for at least a year… maybe more? Moving around as much as I do definitely adds a challenging element to my photographic career, especially since the work I enjoy most is community based, but I’m able to work around the challenges. I love change and I love experiencing new things, so my nomadic life-style has suited me well in the last five years. However, I’m hoping that the next place that I move (or maybe the place after that) will be where I do that whole really settling down thing.

I love the city and I love my little space in it. Every single window in my Historic District apartment has a wonderful view, as you can see in these first few photos:






Photos from a Valentine’s trip to the Savannah Ogeechee Canal. It’s currently flooded, so I’m looking forward to exploring more in the Spring. It will be a great place to do portraits.



This is my boyfriend Paul at the canal. He is the graphic designer for the Savannah Music Festival (and a huge motivation for my move to Savannah). He recently purchased his first DSLR, and I’ve been having fun giving him some photography tips.


My plan for my time in Savannah is simple… I’m excited about it! While I’m here I will be having fun and:

  1. Working as an assistant for talented local photographers, soaking in as much knowledge and experience as I can.
  1. Continuing to take on a variety of freelance clients, honing my skills and further discovering my own specific creative and career directions.

I live in Georgia now!

Hey, everyone! It’s official: I am now a Savannahian! I have an apartment in the gorgeous downtown Historic District. I even have a fancy residential parking sticker. I really love this city so far. There is inspiration everywhere I look, and everyone is so friendly. I’m enjoying the Southern hospitality.

Unfortunately, I still have to set up my office space, so no new work just yet, but there will be soon!