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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Orchid Macro Photos

No matter how hard of a time I may be having, the simple things in life always make me happy. About a month ago, I had an apartment-warming party to celebrate my move to Savannah. One of the guests brought me a potted Orchid as a gift. Today, a new flower on the plant bloomed out. It’s little and delicate and beautiful, and it made me smile.

In addition to the long lens I mentioned in my last post, I also recently purchased a 100 mm 2.8 lens which I used to take these Orchid photos. I had been drooling over macro lenses for a long time, so I know I’ll enjoy the new ability to take high quality extra close-up shots.

Today was a good business day. I had a consultation with a bride and booked a Hilton Head wedding! I’ve also been productive retouching and making prints for client orders, a task that generally occupies a good portion of my time.






Savannah Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

Hey! I hope everyone had a fun Saint Patrick’s Day. Here in Savannah, it’s kind of a big deal. We have the 2nd biggest celebration in the U.S. (second to Boston) and the town fills up with about 400,000 visitors!

Recently, I’ve been stocking up on a lot of new photographic equipment. To be a professional, I really believe you have to have the best of the best industry tools (and back-ups of those items). One of tools that I just added to my inventory is a big, shiny, new lens (70-200 2.8) and the parade was a perfect opportunity to test it out! It was fun walking around, making my way through the chaos of the packed downtown streets. Usually when I’m doing portrait or commercial work, I have control over every aspect of the image (lighting, styling, posing, etc.), so it was nice to relinquish that control and just enjoy the scene here!

These are my favorite 15 images from yesterday’s parade. True to photojournalistic style, there are all unedited.
















If you like these images, check out a previous post about the Halloween Parade in Ashland, Oregon.

Camping on Little Tybee

On Saturday I did an overnight out on Little Tybee Island with a handful of friends. I really love waking up outdoors, cocooned in a warm sleeping bag and smelling of campfire. We enjoyed kayaking, canoeing, and lots of food and merriment. I’m glad I brought one of my backup cameras with me to grab a few shots.

Drying pants on our tent:


When you zoom in you can see reflections of Paul and me in either lens. I’m really digging this shot of my friend Drew:


Paul took this one of me with his Rebel:


Sundown on Little Tybee:


Sunday morning dew:


There are some exciting Jewel Imaging things in the works right now; I’ll blog again soon!

Savannah Senior Portraits

I’m looking for a few class of 2011 Senior Reps from different high schools in Savannah. Senior reps will get a complimentary session, complimentary photos for sharing online, and print credits for each friend that they refer. I also have some steals available for Savannah Moms (or Dads!) willing to help spread the word about Jewel Imaging. Child, baby, maternity, and family portraits are my absolute favorites. Please let me know if you’re interested, or know anyone who might be. Photography business revolves almost entirely around word-of-mouth, so the idea is to get people talking!

Last week I did my first senior portraits in Savannah. B is a friend who was in town to visit the Savannah College of Art and Design. She was kind enough to traipse around downtown with me so I could try out a bunch of different portrait locations, figuring out some good spots to return to in the future. She was a wonderful model, and we had a lot of fun creating these images. These are my favorites:



This spot seemed very “Savannah.” I love that there are flowering trees here even in the winter!



The Savannah River… I like the seagulls just hanging out next to B in this one:


I don’t think you can go wrong with Live Oaks and bokeh:



I really, really loved this spot. The light was beautiful inside of the walkway, and it just seemed magical. Definitely going to return here for more portraits:


Grabbed this Photoshop screenshot while retouching the first image. Her eyes are incredible:

Picture 3