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Monthly Archives: April 2010

SMF Crooked Still Concert

Here are 15 images from Thursday’s Savannah Music Festival Appreciation Concert. The bluegrass group Crooked Still held an amazing performance in the new Forsyth Park bandshell.

I enjoyed myself using 3 different lenses, running around a lot, and getting in some strange yoga-like positions to get these shots. I hope to work with the Festival in the future and to do more concert photography!

Side-note for regular readers: you are awesome! If possible, make sure to view the blog in Google Chrome or Firefox. The color is much more accurate in Chrome and Firefox than in Safari/IE.
















Archetypal Spring

After a fun visit in Oregon, I’m back home in Savannah. Spring is in the air here, and I am relieved to say that it’s time to pack up my winter clothes and unpack my summer dresses! Last night I enjoyed the Spring air photographing Savannah Music Festival’s Appreciation Concert in Forsyth Park; check back soon for some of those photos.

Here are some archetypal Spring images from the past few days. I hope you enjoy them!

These first three were taken in Ashland, Oregon:





The Savannah sky really is this blue:


Southern Oregon child portraits

A few of my favorites from a recent portrait session in Southern Oregon. I had so much fun with this family! The boys had loads of passion and energy. They had just gotten back from a long day of Karate and other activities, so it took just a little while for them to warm up to the idea of being photographed (one reason why mid-morning sessions are often best, as opposed to afternoon sessions!) but they eventually conceded and enjoyed letting me document their sweet, little selves.

I’ve extended my stay in Southern Oregon for a few more days! I have some availability until the 12th if you or someone you know might like to book a photo session. I’m really enjoying being back on the West Coast, but I’m also looking forward to getting back to beautiful, sunshiny Savannah.

The boys loved this swing, and their mom loved it when she was little too:


Swing, swing:


Grandma giving mom and younger brother a push:





I love their smiles:


The boys were very acrobatic!:




Tybee Island family portraits

Here are my favorite images from a recent family portrait session out on Tybee Island. The father is about to be deployed for a year, so I hope that these photos will be meaningful for them during their time apart!

I’m in Oregon for the week. It’s crazy to go from Savannah’s sunshiny 80 degree weather to SNOW! If you’re in the Southern Oregon area, I am booking sessions here now through the 7th. Get in touch if you’re interested!

Father and daughter walking towards the shore:


I love it when parents have just as much energy as their kids:


A traditional family portrait (I don’t know what this type of grass is called, but it’s beautiful):


Little K has THE most gorgeous eyes:


Dad and kids looking for Waldo:


After finding Waldo, K wanted to have a teaparty:


Unbelievable smile! I wish I would have gotten some good ones of her big brother’s handsome smile, too. Next time!


These two are coming up on their 12th year of marriage – congratulations!


I love how as soon as we stepped away from the kids to grab a few shots of the two of them…


they were just like high school sweethearts all over again: