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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Engagement Style Photos – Savannah GA












After 2nd shooting weddings for some amazing photographers last weekend, I did an arranged photo shoot with some friends of mine, Cindy and Hogan. It was an opportunity to create some nice engagement style images to use in my portfolio (which I’m always trying to grow and improve upon) and to show Paul more about photography. These images were created on River Street and Factor’s Walk in downtown Savannah.

If you don’t know these two, hopefully you wouldn’t have ever guessed that they aren’t an actual couple and hadn’t even met each other before we did this shoot!!! It was so sweet of them to model for me and to put themselves in what could have been an awkward situation if we hadn’t all had fun with it. They really did a great job, and Paul was a big help. It definitely stretched me as a photographer. They’re both easy going, comedic people who are awesome to be around (not to mention how photogenic they are), so I think that transfered over to the images. We also did some mock wedding photos which I’ll post later on! Thanks for taking the time to view my blog, I hope you’ve enjoyed these images!

Tybee Island Trash The Dress – Savannah GA Photographer

We made these images the day after the wedding on Tybee Island. I can see why Day After Sessions are becoming popular for couples even if the bride doesn’t want to trash the dress; it was a perfect opportunity to capture them in a completely relaxed and comfortable way. I love the ocean, so I know I’ve had a good day’s work when I come home at night soaking wet and sandy. This past weekend was a whirlwind (did a portfolio shoot and 2nd shot 2 weddings for other photographers) and it feels great to be working hard.



Change / my 100th blogpost

Sometimes I’m frustrated that I always seem to be in a state of transition. But in these moments of frustration I’m forgetting that change is the only constant you can count and one of the greatest opportunities to learn and grow. So in the end, I love it. I crave it. I want to live a life filled with great passion and the extraordinary, and to be filled with it myself. I don’t think these qualities can thrive without great risk and great change, so I say bring it on.

This image holds special importance to me because the subject is a man I love, but it’s also a portrait of myself reflected in his lens and we are doing something that makes us come alive, creating, together.


p.s. I’m excited (and a little nervous) for a big weekend of shooting ahead! I know that on Sunday night I’ll be exhausted but also invigorated.

Edit: by the way, this is my 100th blogpost!

Professional Head Shots and Portraits, Savannah GA Photographer

This is Kathy, an interior designer and furniture designer (and a friend of mine). We did this photo-shoot in her apartment last week to get some nice portraits for her new website. We had fun arranging things perfectly and using window light and an off-camera speed light. Kathy is finishing up her furniture design MFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design and will be taking the Northeast by storm very soon. The couch she is sitting on in the last few images is one that she designed. I think she looks gorgeous and can’t believe she doesn’t think she is at all photogenic! These are my favorites.

I’d love to work with more professionals and soon-to-be graduates on their head shots and portraits!

This weekend has been nice and quiet. I’ve been soaking it up since its the last quiet weekend I’ll be having in Savannah for awhile; my fall schedule has been filling up nicely! This weekend consisted of giving more photography and LightRoom lessons, riding bikes in perfect weather, trying new things, Modern Family, and volunteering. I hope you all have been able to enjoy the weekend too!







Jonathan & Alexis – Savannah Wedding Photographer

Like many other photographers in Savannah and around the world, I photographed a wedding this past weekend on 10.10.10. What an awesome date! J&A had their ceremony in Emmet Park right above River Street in downtown Savannah, and their lively reception was at Bonna Bella Yacht Club. Jonathan is a very relaxed, cool guy but you could tell he was absolutely giddy to be marrying Alexis. Here some favorite images.












Photo Lesson – Paul and Me

I love this time of year in Savannah. The days are warm, not hot, and the mornings and evenings are just a tiny bit chilly. It’s perfect.

On Saturday afternoon I gave Paul another photography lesson as we walked around downtown. Paul (my graphic designer sweetheart) bought his first DSLR this year and we’ve been doing photo lessons since then. He’s starting to familiarize himself with my photo equipment as well, and he’s learning and improving really fast! I’m learning and becoming a better teacher in the process, too. Eventually we’re hoping to join forces to offer our combined design and photography talents under one brand. We’re starting to brainstorm about future endeavors and it’s exciting! I’ve had a handful of fun sessions this past week, and more today, so please check back soon for more blog posts!

Here are the photos I took on Saturday, followed by the portraits Paul made of me.










Savannah Wedding Preview

Here is a quick preview from J&A’s lovely 10.10.10 Savannah wedding. I’ll post a few more later on! Alexis handmade this gorgeous bouquet with fabrics and buttons.