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    This blog is no longer active but it is a great chronicle through my initial first few years as a photographer. The blog started while I was at photography school in Massachusetts, covers my time working in Florida and Georgia, and chronicles our recent 6 month adventure working with orphans in Thailand. Thanks for visiting!

Monthly Archives: March 2012

6 months in Thailand + exciting next steps in America

Paul and I have been back in America for two weeks and we’re already missing our dear young friends from The Home of Joy like crazy. Its pretty difficult to paraphrase 6 full months of living and working in Thailand. It changed us.

Through the highs, lows, communication barriers, laughter and tears we connected with some truly incredible young people. The children taught us how to live more in the beauty of the present moment. They taught us to really appreciate the simple joys in life every day. We acquired a new sense of gratitude. We saw the horrible dangers of apathy.

140 children found their way into our hearts and helped to strengthen our faith, our love for one another and our commitment to a life together full of service. I’m so glad that we were able to spend our first months of marriage having this experience. More photographs to come.

What are our next steps? For the next few weeks we’ll be visiting with some of our much-missed friends and family across the U.S. and re-adjusting to the Western world. Then, for the next couple of months, we’ll be in Oregon working hard on all of our new business plans and materials. In a few months we plan to move to the Santa Barbara area to plant roots and start a new photography and design company together! We will never forget our friends in Thailand and hope to return for a visit someday. They will always inspire us. I hope you enjoy seeing some of their beautiful faces in these portraits that I made! Love and peace.

Little Artists + Only One More Week – Our Thailand Home

In our six months here at Baan Unrak Children’s Home, I have spent many joyful hours creating art with the kids. Our drawing sessions are one of my favorite activities, along with the weekend river trips and our teen photography classes. Whenever I bring in art supplies after school, the kids go wild! A small mob of little ones will surround me, excitedly asking, “Teacher, paper please!?” as we have taught them. Occasionally I give them assignments to stretch their creativity and share their emotions, but usually I let them run wild with their amazing imaginations. One of my friends and colleagues sent us a big box of art supplies for the kids, and in their minds (and in mine too) Teresa Earnest is a real live angel. Aren’t these little artists beautiful?

Paul and I only have one more week left of our six month commitment and then we will be flying back to the U.S! We really can’t believe how the time has flown by and have such mixed emotions about it. I have so many more precious images of the kids to share and will post again soon. Love and peace.

Thailand Mon Wedding – International Wedding Photography

We were honored to attend our friend Abbha’s wedding here in Thailand. We wish Abbha and her husband every happiness as they begin a new life together and we hope they love their photos! The wedding ceremony was performed in the Mon tradition (the Mon are an ethnic group from Burma / Myanmar). The small celebration was unique and joyful; everyone was so welcoming. I’m really glad I was able to borrow the busy couple for a moment to do some posed portraits in front of the bedroom window with the Thai morning light shining in afterward. Here are a few of my favorite images. Isn’t Abbha a gorgeous bride?!