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    This blog is no longer active but it is a great chronicle through my initial first few years as a photographer. The blog started while I was at photography school in Massachusetts, covers my time working in Florida and Georgia, and chronicles our recent 6 month adventure working with orphans in Thailand. Thanks for visiting!

BIG news: leaving Savannah + living in Thailand

I try to live my life in faith, constantly open to change, love, inspiration and adventure. After falling in love and becoming engaged,┬áit seems like I’m about to swim in a full-on tsunami of all of those beautiful things. As you probably know, I am marrying my best friend and the love of my life this summer! You may not know that soon we will be leaving Savannah, driving cross country, and living in Thailand!

In about a month we will pack a Uhaul trailer with all of our things, attach it to the Volvo, and begin our west-bound 3,000+ mile trip. In exactly 2 months Paul and I will be married on the Oregon Coast! In about 3 months, we leave for Thailand to spend at least 6 months volunteering at an orphanage! When we return to the states, our plan is to settle down and grow roots in a new place (Portland, Seattle, Hawaii?) and create a photography & design business together. Of course, dream chasing is never without difficulties. I’m pretty much terrified but I can hardly wait for these adventures and more. We’re determined to make the world a little happier together.

Our hearts will ache to leave Savannah but luckily we won’t have time to miss it too much. We are both so grateful to have found some truly incredible communities and life-long friends here. I am also grateful to all of my wonderful Savannah colleagues and clients; you are amazing. We will continue to photograph, blog, and share our experiences and hope that you will come along for the ride! Love and peace.

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teresa Earnest I am so so so so very happy for you both!! I cannot wait to follow your journey here!

Courtney I am SO very glad to see that Hawaii has made the list. You guys move there, I’m right behind you!

Jewel Anderson Courtney, haha, sounds good!

Teresa, I will never be able to thank you enough for all that you have done for me and shared with me!

Kay Schlink JEWEL! This is AMAZING!!!! You are going to have an amazing, life changing time. :)

Izzy Hudgins Photography WOW thats awesome yall! Enjoy it and beware…travel is addictive :)

Jewel Anderson Thank you, Kay! Can’t wait!
Izzy, oh I know! I’ve been an addict for awhile!

Leaving for Thailand! » Jewel Imaging Blog […] past couple of months have been beautiful and full of changes. Paul and I left Savannah, drove West across the country, got married on the Oregon Coast, enjoyed […]

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